Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obey Convention + Live on CKDU

oh haiii

A little while back I got asked to do the artwork and branding for Obey Convention IV, a super cool music and arts festival that's been happening for the last few years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was pretty stoked because 1 - it's mostly all organized by Darcy Spidle, who runs the very neat label Divorce records (www.divorcerecords.ca), 2- it's arguably the only festival of it's kind on the east coast, and 3- the lineup this year looks awesome and I wish I could go. Check out who's playing and what's up here: www.divorcerecords.ca.

If you're in the Halifax area or maybe just sitting at your desk at work wherever you happen to be, tune in to CKDU (88.1 FM) to hear my nasal, valley-girl voice. I'll be chatting with the folks at Third Wave Radio this Thursday, May 27, sometime between 1 pm and 2:30pm EST (that's 2-3:30pm Halifax time).

Here is a poster I made for the new show by the dance group Wants and Needs (www.wantsandneeds.ca)

Finally, here is a photo of a cake my roommate, Dom, and I made when we were feeling lousy. It may be hard to read, but it says "FTW" and has bleeding bullet holes.


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