Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Jeesh, I'm getting sooo bad at this.

Here are a few pics of the collab piece between Wally Scott and myself. Images totally ripped from his blogue, and my sis' photo account.

A label-conscious paleo-teen's messy bedroom/cave.


dnml said...

Lisa!!!! hey yr stuff is sooo amazing. wanna do a trade??? I really want some of yr stuff.

Lisa Czech said...

ah, no way! I mean, yeah, totally, I'd love to! I already have your Neptune tour poster. It's on my bedroom wall - IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. It's spooky.

dnml said...

woot woot! I totally forgot that I printed glow ink. let's trade trade trade. im printing a new one in a couple days. we should mix n' match.

Hobo Divine said...

These are hypnotic!
and DNML is right!
these are amazing