Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dual 7" Launch Party - Friday, March 7

(snazzy poster by Walter K Scott)

Live performances by:

THE AMERICAN DEVICES (A special performance by Montreal’s reigning punk scholars which will include two Electric Vomit songs performed with original lead singer Rabid Roy Random)


THE NYMPHETS (Montreal/Brooklyn garage punk dynamo's releasing their debut 7” on Psychic Handshake Recordings)
DJ sets by The Pirates of the Lachine Canal South West WEIRD PUNK crew all night long

This evening will be a unique celebration of two generations of Montreal punk rock. As many of you know, THE ELECTRIC VOMIT were one of Montreal's first punk bands when Rick Trembles started the band in the late 70s, and a precursor to THE AMERICAN DEVICES, who formed not long after the Vomit broke up. No recordings by the Vomit were released in their brief lifespan, but a demo tape from 1979 survived, sitting on the shelf for almost thirty years before an upstart label in Grand Mere, Quebec called Garbage Bag Records decided to release three songs from the session on a 7". The result is the incredible "No End" single, an invaluable addition to the Montreal punk discography that bridges the gap between the snotty, glam-influenced late 70s Montreal punk scene and the thrashier and artier sounds that would come out of that scene in the early 80s. The single will be available for sale at the show, and during THE AMERICAN DEVICES performance that night will be a performance within that performance of two ELECTRIC VOMIT songs from the single with original Vomit singer Rabid Roy Random flying in all the way from Arizona just to sing those songs. This is a moment you are absolutely not going to want to miss.

THE NYMPHETS are the yin to the Vomit's yang, if you will. Having formed just a few years back, they quickly shot to the top of the heap of this city's punk bands, and now have the U.S.A. set in their sites. The band found a second home last year in Brooklyn, NY, and have been splitting their time blowing minds in both cities. Their debut single "Feels Like Motherfuckers" on Psychic Handshake Recordings arrives just in time for the band to embark on a U.S. tour this spring that will see the band visit SXSW for the first time, but you folks will be the first people in the world to get your hands on this gem. This two song single features some of the best punk rock that's ever come out of this city. Its trashy, immediate, lo-fi garage punk with lean, catchy melodies, bringing to mind everyone from Supercharger to The Television Personalities. Its shit so good that we'll have to share it with those douchebags in NYC, but when you see how amazing this band is in the flesh and how well that translates onto this record, you'll understand. THE NYMPHETS performance will comprise a impressive set of originals (including the two songs from the 7"), as well as an ELECTRIC VOMIT cover, in the spirit of the evening.

Both records will be sold at the show!
Online ordering for the The Nymphets 7" will be set up soon.

(PS - Nymphets album artwork was done by yours truly)

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